3 Chocolate Character Mix and Match


Mix and match your own selection of 3 novelty characters.

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Bob the Bunny
Cara the Chick
Charles the Spaniel
Dixie the Mouse
Doug the Digger
Eddie the Elephant
Fluff the Sheep
Guy the Gorilla
Hatching Chick
Jimmy the Hedgehog in Milk Chocolate
Katie the Kitten
Lenny the Lion
Matilda the Cow
Micky the Monkey
Nigel the Ninja
Nipper the Crab
Ollie the Owl
Porky the Pig
Rainbow the Hedgehog
Robbie Robot
Ronnie the Rocket
Sam the Fire Engine
Shep the Sheepdog
Skipper the Penguin
Spike the Hedgehog in White Chocolate
Spot the Ladybird
Ted the Teddybear
Ted the Tractor
Tommy the Tiger
Una the Unicorn
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Mix and match your choice of 3 novelty chocolate characters from our wide selection.

Press the ‘Add to Basket’ button after choosing.